I'm seeing Blank Job Progress screen as soon as I try to execute my scripts

Hey guys,
I’m currently running into a weird issue where I try to execute my script in android platform straight to the device and on the Katalon studio screen I’m displayed with a blank job progress screen. I don’t receive any error at all to root cause this issue need any kind of help possible to resolve this issue. My code always ran just fine with no issues but I have a demo coming up and need someone’s help please, thanks. @chris_trevarthen I know would be able to help in this issue. I have attached the screenshot of where my katalon studio screen is stuck at.

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Hi @rkarim

Can you provide us the log file under Help > Error Log when this issue occurs ? It’d help us see what’s the problem. Also what version are you using ?

Cheers !

I’m no longer running into this issue. BTW there were no error logged for this issue the fix for this was:
Project>Settings>Desired Capabalities>Mobile>Android>Select Zebra Technology for Device Name and click on Apply and Save

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Solution worked with me thanks for suggesting that. the device name with blank in my custom capabilities and that was the issue

thanks dude