I'm not robot

How can I click in Katalon Studio “I’m not robot” checkbox?

I think you can’t. That is an approach to prevent automation, so you can’t bypass it

THX for your answer

I have one of those in my UI. It has an Xpath reference, you can verify that “I am not a robot” is present, identify the checkbox and then click it?? or have you tried that already?

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HI Kiss

You can click im not robot field by using following command :

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘Page_Sense TalentPitch/input_checkAgreeCondition’), Keys.chord(Keys.TAB))


**WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(null), Keys.chord(Keys.TAB, Keys.ENTER))

  • **_First Get Focus any Element before CAPTCHA Field then just use above Command.It will Select and Click __CAPTCHA __Field. _
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