If the image displayed for a video is broken, How i check on that

The video is working fine but the image of the video is broken , I used verify element attribute value and I added the name and the value … the problem was the image file was ended by .mp4 not .jpg that was the problem.

My question now if I have many pages so that I can’t navigate through all of these to find these kind of issues is there an easy way to check on all the pages like I check on the extension of the image and find the broken ones.

Actually I’m trying to find a way like “verify all link accessible” … but that doesn’t work for my case.

Thanks in advance.

Hi yousra.hanafy

The hard part is to define the “broken” means - is it just the wrong format, e.g. you are expecting all links should be ended with .jpg instead of .mp4? (Failed if the link with .mp4 format) Or need to verify the image quality inside?


Thanks for your replying … yes I want all the links to end with jpg.
when the link ends with .mp4 it displayed like that image