If Statement Issue


Hi there, new here.

Having an issue running an if statement. I want to run the proceeding commands if a value in the csv I’m calling is equal to “Lunch”, “Coffee/Snacks” or “Dinner”. I think there’s something wrong with my logic.

Command: if
Target: ${Expense Type} = “Lunch” || “Coffee/Snacks” || “Dinner” || “Breakfast”

Thanks in advance!


I should mention that I’m able to open the CSV and use the Expense Type variable with other commands, so thats not an issue.



did you use “endIf” command? I had an issue when i used “if” comand with “|”, If i’m not wrong i figured it out but i don’t have access right now to this test case. Maybe try to use single “|” not double, also you may try to use double “=” and try to use just one of those word to compare to Expense variable at the time to check if “if” command work properlly when it’s much simpler.


In addition to using the endIf statement and ==, you will also need to enclose the variable in quotations marks
"${ExpenseType}" and make sure the other values are enclosed in plain quotation marks i.e. "Dinner", not “Dinner”
Also, each part of the if statement needs to return a valid boolean value (true/false).

Try this:

store | Dinner | ExpenseType |
if | "${ExpenseType}" == "Lunch" || "${ExpenseType}" == "Coffee/Snacks" || "${ExpenseType}" == "Dinner" || "${ExpenseType}" == "Breakfast" | |
echo | Found ${ExpenseType} | |
endIf | | |

Also note I haven’t used a space in the variable name. Most programming languages do not allow spaces in variable names.