IE11 Emulation Document Mode

Hi, I am looking for a Katalon Studio setting to change IE11 Emulation/ Mode/ Document Mode to IE11.
The application that I am testing sets the document mode to IE9 by default. I need to change this to IE11 so that I can upload a file. When the setting is on IE9 the upload button is a Silverlight object and Katalon studio does not upload the file. When I manually change the Document Mode to IE11 it is possible to upload the file with Katalon studio.

Is there an entry for desired capabilities for IE that I can use?

I don’t know. However, …

Then it’s likely the authors are using X-UA-Compatible in a meta tag. If they are, in my opinion they should stop (or be strongly encouraged to stop). This particular tag confuses the hell out of people (i.e. regular users) and is a royal PITA.

You have a strong argument if you say: “Regular users don’t go into the tools to fix a browser so why should an automation test have to do it?”

For anyone unsure of what this MS contrivance is about:

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