I would like the Logviewer to stop the scrolling

So what happens is:

I run a test… from step 1 to step 300…

at a certain point I want to see what happend and I want to read the Log viewer.

I also want the Katalon to continue testing.

but it scrolls the Log Viewer on and on.


when I give a doubleclick on the scrollbar… somehow (with a nice solution, magically and overpowering all other test tools available on the market) my cursor position and/or scrollbar position overrules the addded lines at the end and it stays in sight so I can relaxly read,
meanwhile the logging still adds new lines down at the bottom of the Log Viewer.

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I think you are describing the existing Scroll Lock?
Look for the icon that looks like a padlock and I think it meets your requirement :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m embarrassed that I didn’t notice that. wauw…

will certainly put the functionality to the test now haha