I want to run the script from the 3rd step onwords

HI all,
can You Please tell me how we need to run the script from 3rd or 4th step on wards.

Note: Run from step option is there but it is disabled for me , How i can enable that one.


Hello Swathi ,
In manual mode, you can select the corresponding lines and press the right button to select Disable.
you can look at the image below.

Hi emine,
i tried the above process with the active browser but it is not working .

Please find the below screen shot.
image (http://C:\Users\bolla.swathi\Desktop\Error.MHT)


Hello Again ,
If it is an important step in the test step, then a step that triggers the next steps may be causing the error when the test is run again.
Because log records " Browser is not opened " in response message .
Please , you can look is picture in below .

I did step 2. disable and did not run this step when I ran the test.
However ,The test was successful because the 2nd step was not a significant step in influencing the test, thus not affecting the other test steps.
Please be careful of that.

See you again.

Katalon will need a browser instance to work with before the “Run from here” option becomes available. An easy way to do this is to put a breakpoint in your script, right after the WebUI.openBrowser() line:


Then run your script in debug mode, let the browser open, and kill the script. Now you should have the “Run from here” functionality enabled.