I want to name TestObjects in my native language

Problem to solve

Katalon Studio upto version 7 has an internationalization problem. I can not name a Test Object in my native language (ja_JP). When I try, Katalon Studio rejects it.


This restriction frustrates me.

October 1, 2019, the consumption tax rate will increase from 8% to 10%. Therefore many web developers in Japan are busy changing their web sites to make it complying to the new rate. I am involved as well. I have developped a lot of Katalon Studio tests to check if various commissions of finacial instruments displayed on web pages. This job was frustrating. Why? I will tell you. In the target web pages, I see the following portion. The lables (e.g, 購入時手数料率(税込)) are significant. I must respect the names.


Now I want to verify the decimal values displayed there. So I developed a Katalon Studio test using Test Objects stored in the Object Repository.


The test case script has a fragment like this. I had to name the Test Objects in Latin alphabet.


I find a problem here. The name of a Test Object tesuuryou_jouhou/kaiyakuji_shintaku_zaisan_ryuuhogaku is not intuitive for me. Rather, I want to name it as 手数料情報/解約時信託財産留保額 in user’s own native language (Japanese for me) like this:


The latter format is much more readable for me than the former. But the current Katalon Studio does not allow me to write codes as such.


Execute Test Cases/example/MS/gamen_kakunin


I want to name Test Objects and the folders using Japanese 漢字 Kanji ひらがな Hiragana カタカナ Katakana characters. Others may want Cyrillic alphabet, Arabic alphabet, Chinese characters and so on. All of these should be considers as long as they are defined in the UNICODE.


This is a great need and I look forward to it being fulfilled.
Software internationalization is a great benefit for the staff with poor English.
In fact, for free software, should not ask too much, but I still can’t help but expect.Thank you for your efforts, sincerely. ( * Translation tool : youdao dictionary)

We will try to address this issue in 7.1.

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Hi @kazurayam. Please try the 7.1.0 RC1 and let us know you feedback.

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Thank you for your every efforts.

Sorry to say but I would be packed for other business. I can not try the RC for the coming 10 days. Certainly I will once my business is done.

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On another note, I didn’t know that Japanese was kaz’s first langauge… :exploding_head:

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I made a project to check the v7.1.0 rc1 to see if the internationalization problem has beem fixed. The project is shared on GitHub at

I found that v7.1.0 rc1 has been much improved. Let me note a list of changes at v7.1.0 rc1 I found:

  1. The Katalon Project can have name containing non Latin characters. For example サンプルproject .
  2. Test Cases directory can contain folders and test cases named with non Latin characters. For example Test Cases/DataDrivenTestingのサンプル and Test Cases/example/MS/画面確認 .
  3. Object Repository directory can contain folders and test objects named with non Latin characters. For example Object Repository/MS/FundData/手数料情報/解約時信託財産留保額 .
  4. Test Suites directory can contain folders, test suites and test suite collections named with non Latin characters. For example Test Suites/サンプル/テストスイートTS1 .
  5. Data Files directory can contain folders and data file named with non Latin characters. For example Data Files/サンプル/テストデータviaExcel .
  6. Description of project, test cases, test suites, test objects had a problem: the text is shown in UNICODE escape sequence. See my previous post at I18N problem: Description of a TestCase in Japanese displayed in UNICODE string . This problem is also addressed by the v7.1.0 rc1.

These changes are fine. Here I attached a screenshot which shows how the Tests Explorer looks like. The folders and objects named in 日本語 look much more familiar and easier for me.

Tests Explorer

Stuff to be improved

I found a few problems in the Basic Report plugin with respect to the internationalized names of Test cases etc.

  1. The Basic Report result shows the name of a test case 画面確認 in UNICODE escape sequence as \u753B\u9762\u78BA\u8A8D . I want the name to be shown in raw Japanese, not escaped. BasicReportResult
  2. The PDF exported by the Basic Report pluging seems to be unable to show any non Latin characters. See the attached PDF example. I have a test object named MS/FundData/h2_手数料情報 , but it is printed in the PDF as MS/FundData/h2_ . I think that that PDF is not enabled to print Japanese characters because appropriate Font is not configured.

Hi everyone

Katalon Studio 7.1 supports naming test artifacts, including Test Case, Test Object, Test Data File, Test Suite, Test Suite Collection, and Checkpoint with UTF-8 characters.

Please upgrade when the new version’s available.

Read more about the release note.