I want to delete a registered KRE license

I want to use my KRE license on a new PC.
In order to do so, I need to delete and re-register the offline license that I was going to use until 8/31.

I would like to ask you to delete the registered license.


Please refer to this: Manage Katalon Licenses | Katalon Docs

I downloaded an offline license (“7630f0bc343bd5e26e0307536b065e70”) from a KRE license.

This is an unused MachineID, as I’ve changed computers now.
So I want to delete it and register a new MachineID to download and use the offline license.

To do that, I think I need to delete “7630f0bc343bd5e26e0307536b065e70” from Registered Machines.
It is not deleted, so I am requesting to delete it.

Here’s a link to the question we asked earlier.


It seems like you cannot delete or transfer an offline license: Katalon Help Center. However, we can support user to remoke at most 1 time. If you want to revoke it, please create a support ticket in Katalon Help Center to get it done. Thank you!

It’s an urgent situation right now, so why don’t you handle it like last time?

You applied because I couldn’t deactivated, but it would be nice if you did the same this time.


I understand it is urgent situation to you. It seems like in the last thread, you have deleted the license once and you want to delete it one more time as machineID changed: Katalon runtime engine의 발급받은 오프라인 라이선스를 삭제하고 싶습니다 - #7 by qaqc.

However, as I said above, we can only help you delete license at most 1 time. This is our company’s policy. Hope you understand!
Thank you.