I need a free, open-source solution to automate Gemini processes via Gmail login using Katalon Studio or Selenium with Java, requiring a method to save authentication like user profiles or cookies.

Hello Katalon Community, I need help regarding a requirement shared below, any help would be greatly appreciated.

My objective is to automate some process on Gemini, a platform that requires login via Gmail. I intend to use either Katalon Studio or Selenium with Java for the automation process. However, the challenge lies in the authentication process since Gemini mandates login via Gmail.

To tackle this challenge, I’m in need of a solution that allows saving either a logged-in user’s profile, cookies, or any other method that facilitates authentication. It’s crucial that this solution is free and open-source.

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Welcome to our community. Thank you for sharing your problem. I think SSO will work well in your case but it is the Ultimate plan. More information: Single Sign-On Configurations | Katalon Docs