Hybrid Ionic App crashes on selection of DatePicker element opening Native device picker

We have a hybrid application using Ionic Framework. The automation uses the Webview to access the elements as WebElement. Overall the framework is working until we click on the WebElement <span class="date-picker-btn">07/08/2019</span>. The click appears to succeed in the fact that I have seen the date calendar and clock native popups appear briefly on my screen. Shortly after the application crashes. As for capturing the errors. I have turned Appium to debug mode but on execution I do not see the log under the project as .appium or appium.log.

I have isolated the click event with a try but no event is captured. I have also tried the less desirable method of using JavaScript Executor to set the value with no success.

Any Suggestions on how to resolve the crash so we can move to switching to native and setting the date and returning back to webview to verify the date is set.

I look forward to your responses.
Thank you,

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