HTTP response code 500 for API Testing

I’m trying to API automation Soap, I’m not able to generate response XML … I

I tried using no proxy, system proxy : 'm getting HTTP error 500, generic …

When I entered proxy : Service is timing out.
I’m getting response when I try it on SOAP UI.

API issue_SOAP.docx

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Hi Pallavi,

Can you add the following key to HTTP header:
Accept : appplication/json

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My bad, I should have mentioned eariler… it’s xml …I added Accept : application\xml… no luck :frowning: same error.


I’m updated again all the external libraries & setting … now I’m getting No Service Operation was Found error.

It is a server error, not a client error. If server errors weren’t to be returned to the client, there wouldn’t have been created an entire status code class for them (i.e. 5xx).

You can’t hide the fact that you either made api testing programming error or some service you rely on is unavailable, and that certainly isn’t the client’s fault. Returning any other range of code in those cases than the 5xx series would make no sense.