HTTP ERROR 500 How to continue the test

Hello! I sequentially open the URL from the .csv file. If all the URLs are available, there are no problems, but when an URL with a 500 error was found, my test waits for this page to load indefinitely. What needs to be done to make the test go further without waiting for this page to load?

I’m not an expert using KR, (this man is: @ThanhTo) but let me offer this:

HTTP 500 means the server had a problem, not the client. What the client code (in the web browser) should do is handle the error in a robust manner. If the client sits there like a fool waiting for a page after receiving the 500 error, you have found a bug in the AUT.

Tell the web page developers they need to handle the error effectively and give YOU something to respond to.

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We are working on mechanisms that allow tests in KR to continue upon failures. Though I do think failing is the right behavior in this case. Can you expand on what you’re trying to do? Are you using KR to do automated testing or to automate repetitive tasks? What’s the scenario, etc?