HTTP 500 error in test object when test suite run but when i run individual test object it gives status code 200 and works fine

hi, community,

This problem is weird I don’t know what’s causing this error. The problem is when test suite run test object fire status code 500 and when i go to that test object run individually it works fine and gives me status code 200.

Details are as follows.

Global variable

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

And GET request objects url is as follows


And Test case looks is for verifying HTTP status code is

    //All business Of BTO
    allBusinessofBtoResponse = WS.sendRequestAndVerify(findTestObject('TestObject'))

    'verifying response status code'
    WS.verifyResponseStatusCode(allBusinessofBtoResponse, 200)

But it is failing and always give status 500 . but when I that from object it works fine and give me status code 200.