How to write the code about this validation fragment in the figure



you just click on the snippet and it will generate the code for you. that’s why is named snippet :wink:


But the code fragment that validates is not empty is not there:neutral_face:


I don’t understand what are you trying to do.
Can you post some screenshots with your setup?


I want to verify that the parameter value of the interface response is not null.
But there are no examples of non-null validation in these code snippets.


now i get it.
well, if the key is present in the response (but it may have a null value), you can use the JSON value check
if the key may be missing, you have to parse the json into a map and check for the key presence

can you post also a sample response? if itmay contain sensitive data you can edit it , we are mostly interrested in the structure with key names and types.

LE: a better aproach will be to use json schema validation, just do a search on the forum and you will find some nice topics regardings this


For example, in the return field of an interface
I want to determine which keywords are needed to determine if “data” is not null