How to wrap text in Editor?

How to wrap text in Editor?

Katalon Studio 7.2.1 does not have the feature of word wrapping.

If you seriously want the word wrapping for editing Test Case scripts, you can use other text editors such as Visual Studio Code together with KS. I do so quite sometimes.

Katalon Studio 7.x is built upon Eclipse. I do not know the exact version of Eclipse, but old version of Eclipse does not have word wrapping feature at all. Therefore KS can not as well.

As the following post tells, newer version Eclipse supported word wrapping feature:

Eclipse Neon (4.6), release date June 2016, includes word wrap for text editors.

If we want Katalon Studio to support word wrapping, we need to ask Katalon Team to rebuild Katalon Studio 8.x upon newer version of Eclipse and toggle “word wrapping” ON as default.

Call out @devalex88

I noticed in the version 7.5.5 setting the length of Line wrapping is supported. I am not sure which version supported this.