How to verify value in variables

I am using Katalon Recorders to verify elements of a webpage. I am at a point where a dynamic list is populated by having Katalon type a word in a field, then looping through that dynamic list and if keywords are found, it changes two variables from “false” to “true.” I want to check that the value of both of those variables has changed to true, but I don’t seem to be having any luck. Do I use verifyText? verifyValue? assertValue? And what goes in the Target field and the Value field when checking them?

Not having any luck searching online for the past two days. Below is a picture of what I last tried. You can see the WHILE loop just before it.

PS - I know the console shows me the value of the variables under the Variables heading at the bottom, but I want my test to verify the values.

Hi there,

You could try using assertEval or verifyEval. See if that works.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Neither one has worked - my biggest problem is the exact syntax - what goes in the Target field and what goes in the Value field? Notice in my picture the two different ways I attempted. I also tried switching what I put in the Target field with what I put in the Value field and still no go.

Sorry - I didn’t notice the E in Eval! So I tried these two -

assertEval | ${hasRivers} | true
verifyEval | id=${hasCardinal} | true

Both evaluated as true/green. But is one “more correct” than the other ?

And is it possible to state the assertion like below? In other words, are both ${hasCardinal} and ${hasRivers} the same value, “true”. If one of them is not, then this fails; which is what you want.

assertEval | ${hasRivers}==${hasCardinal} | true