How to verify tooltip text which is showing on mouseover

i am not able to verify tooltip which is showing on mouseover.

Have you tried,

WebUI.verifyTextPresent("You do not have permission to perform this action.", false)

Or looking at the HTML to see where/if the message is on the page? Can you right click on the tooltip and select Inspect?

it’s showing on mousehover on browse and the id for browse is different and when i mousehover tooltip message class is different so how can i handle this case. Tooltip class is common in whole application.

Try to find it in Elements of the Inspect navigator. Then, in Elements, right click the corresponding tooltip and select Copy → Copy XPath (you can also get the Full XPath, this may need adjusting too). You should then be able to verify that it is present WebUI.verifyElementPresent(yourTooltipTestObjectWithTheXpath, 5)

Here is a link to another option: