How to Verify programmatically if target Android App is Installed successfully

Please suggest how to verify programmatically if my desired app is installed on the device before tests are done. I am unable to find any keyword which matches isAppInstalledOnDevice, is there is anything in Katalon which can be used for this purpose. If not Is there is any way it can be achieved.

Hi @muhammad.hamid,

I don’t think the tests will even start if the application you’re trying to test isn’t installed. Can you explain a bit more about why you need to detect if the application is installed?

– Chris

Hi Chris,

In appium there is a method called isAppinstalled which is used to check if app have installed successfully before you attempt to run any tests. I am unable to find similar capability in Katalon

Please see the following :

Hi @muhammad.hamid,

Luckily, you can usually access Appium functionality through Katalon tests by creating an AppiumDriver object:

import io.appium.java_client.AppiumDriver

AppiumDriver<?> driver = MobileDriverFactory.getDriver();

NOTE: You might see the isAppInstalled function underlined in your editor, which usually means that the function doesn’t exist. You can ignore this warning for calls to AppiumDriver.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Chris, it worked.

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