How to verify Parameterized object

Can anyone tell me is there any command or way to verify the parameterized object?
//tr/td[text()=‘${ldapServerName}’] >> i wanted to validate by passing different text for “ldapServerName” variable.

The following page shows you how to apply values to the parameterized object.

If you have further question, please show us your target HTML fragment, your test object defintion, and your test case code snippet.

Plese, find the attached screenshot.

  • I have parameterized Names of the record as followed.

  • Then I can use whatever name for “name” parameter to verify the records.

My question is how can I do that verification with catalog studio (i have tried with “verifyElementPresent” but doesn’t accept additional parameter)


The screenshot above shows you are using Selenium IDE, not Katalon Studio.

If you are asking about Selenium IDE, then Katalon Forum is not appropriate place.

If you are asking how to reprocude a similar test in Katalon Studio, then please show your Test Case code. I mean, something like this:

import ...
WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject("something"), ["name","foo"])

The relevent code inside the custom keyword. anyway, I’ll copy that below.

WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_GS_General/lbl_addedActiveDirectory’),[(‘ldapServerName’):data_lbapServer])

How is your object defined?
If you used xpath choice in definition, them parameters are not working there (AFAIK)
try to define object using basic choice, where you define xpath equals Your${parametrized}ObjectXPath