How to validate data on SSRS report with an individual excel spreadsheet using Katalon?

My SSRS Report doesn’t contain fixed records and it’s dynamic on no of records and I need to compare each row with couple of columns which are fixed with data in an excel spreadsheet. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

So we have a table in UI (SSRS Report) having dynamic records, some of their information are fixed and you want to compare them with an excel spreadsheet. Is that correct?

My solution in this case is:

  • Read the UI table and put all the data into a JSON array.
  • Read excel spreadsheet into JSON array with the same format.
  • Compare these JSON array on common columns we want to check.

Thank you Trong, I’m new to JSON, Could you please help me how to read the UI table put all the data into JSON table

Reading UI Table depends on how the table is render in the UI (how table, td, tr are structured), so it hard to have single script fit all.
Firstly, I think you could make a research on JSON ( and JSONArray. This data type is extremly useful in Automation testing for both UI and API/webservices.
After that, we will explore the UI table. Base on the structure, we could get the table header and loop for each row to get data. Our JSONArray data will look like:
{“row”: 1, “name”: “A”},
{“row”: 2, “name”: “B”}
with assumption that in the UI Table, there are 2 column headers: “row” and “name”

Thank you so much Trong, I will work on JSON first , Thank you