How to use tearDownIfPassed and tearDownIfFailed


I would like to use the methods tearDownIfFailed and tearDownIfPassed.

when a test completes, I would like to call these methods and check if either of them are true and save that to a variable. If true i would then send a REST call to update a status on another service.

Note: I have checked online documentation and I still do not understand. Please provide a coding example.

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Thank you for answer.
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**This answer is in reference to my question above**

The code below is what i want to achieve in Katalon studio. This is an example in c#
public void TearDown()
if (TestContext.CurrentContext.Result.Status == TestStatus.Failed)
// Your test failed, handle it

A sample for you:

import com.kms.katalon.core.annotation.TearDown
import com.kms.katalon.core.annotation.TearDownIfFailed
import com.kms.katalon.core.annotation.TearDownIfPassed

assert 2 == 1

def handlePassed() {
println 'Handle Passed'

def handleFailure() {
println 'Handle Failure'

def handleTearDown() {
println 'Handle TearDown'

Does these annotations @TearDownIfPassed and @TearDownIfFailed works only in Test Case level ?

Looks like it do not work in Test suite .
If it works at Test suite level, it is required to keep only once in Test suite and then it should be applicable to all test cases in the suite.

Can you please clarify

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I had this exact experience. These annotations do not kick off the corresponding method when this annotation and its method code is used in the Script tab of a Test Suite.

@duyluong Can you clarify further? Would your code work if it was placed in the Script tab of a Test Suite. In my experience, it didn’t work. A test would fail, but the annotation didn’t handle it at all.