How to use or condition or match two word in same mobile object properties?

I am unable to tap on OK button in my application,In my application sometime OK button is label with OK or Ok or ok. Is there any best way to put all the three words in single object so that it should be capable to tap on button even though button text is changed.

my object is below : I need to add ok, Ok.
//*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and @name = ‘OK’]

Please help me

//*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and @name = ‘OK’ or @name = ‘Ok’ or @name = ‘ok’]

Something like this?

Sorry already tried its not working.

Opt 1:

//*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and (@name = ‘OK’ or @name = ‘Ok’ or @name = ‘ok’)]

Opt 2:

//*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and @name = ‘OK’] or //*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and @name = ‘Ok’] or //*[@type = ‘XCUIElementTypeButton’ and @name = ‘ok’]