How to use Logback in Katalon Studio?


I am very new with Logback but i want to use logback in katalon studio for logging. I do not want any code to display in the console, I want to display only the log messages.

Katalon Studio uses Logback already for its own use.

If you are willing to develop a Custom Keyword, you can customize the way how KS uses Logback. See the following post:

though it is not very easy …

Thanks for your help.
I already seen this but by using this only codes in the console is reduced but the report is still showing the codes.
I don’t want any debugging code in the report , i just want comments or logging level info in the report.
No codes should be displayed in the report except the comments.

What kind of report are you talking about?

Can you show an example of how you’d like it to look?


Do you want to change the content of the HTML/PDF reports generated by Basic Report plugin?

Or do you want to create a custom log file where you write logs using the Logback API, while leaving the Base Report as is.

Yes, I want to change the content of the HTML/PDF report generated by basic report and by doing so I want to reduce the codes that are being displayed in the report.

I suppose you can’t. As far as I know, the Basic Report plugin is not customisable.

See the “Logs Configuration” section in

By changing Include/config/ file, you can suppress verbose messages in the LogViewer. See also

I am not sure how tuning affects to the content of the Basic Report. But maybe worth trying.

If you are using KSE, please also try the following option:

Thanks for the workarounds , I tried to implement the solutions in my script but still no luck. Might you are right that basic reports are not customisable at all.

Just for your interest. You can read the source of the Basic Report plugin shared at GitHub. For example:

If you are patient enough, you can find what it does.