How to use Katalon Studio using Multiple ID Addresses with Microsoft Azure Self Hosted Agents (DevOps)

Good afternoon,

As a company we use Microsoft Azure Self Hosted Agents.

What this means is that, for each run that takes place, a virtual machine/agent is created and once each test run completes, the Virtual Machine is destroyed.

As a result, each time, the agent will pick up a new IP address.


How would the new Katalon 7 /Enterprise serve this method?

While Katalon 7 needs a license attached with the application and specific API Keys to talk to Azure DevOps, this will serve only for a stable IP Address.

As I am sure you may come across such a setup as this previously.

Is there a specific solution that the you can suggest for this?


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I have the same question. Before we buy any licenses we need to know what solution you have to this.


Is it true?

With floating license for RE, a test execution itself is the subject that the license binds to, the IP address should not matter. Have you used the trial license of Runtime Engine with no luck with executing on Azure DevOps ?