How to use html content in an alert with originalAlert()

I’m trying to create an alert when doing a test with Katalon Recorder
In order to to that, I’m using the command “runScript" with the target "originalAlert();”

It’s working for a plain text.
But It’s not reading the HTML tags:

The result:

Could you tell me please how to solve that ?

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Just you can not.

I think, Katalon Recorder is presenting the string you typed as a plain String in JavaScript. It is designed as such and not any more. Katalon Recorder is not interpreting the string as a HTML text.

All you could do will be raising a feature request to the Katalon team.

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Thanks for your reply.

Do you know how to contact them directly for asking new features ?

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Would you support @amadese?

We should know they won’t be very prompt

At least there’s a one day gap between one office being off and the other! :grin:


Do you have any feedback about that ?

No, nothing.

Let me notify you of this post:

aside of that, let me remind you that, katalon recorder is a free and opensourced tool (forked from selenium ide at a certain moment in time if i understand the commit history right)
anybody can use it as it is or contribute to the code with fixes.
just saying…

Anyone can, if they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to do so, however, it’s not uncommon for open source projects to take feature requests, bug reports, etc either. Ultimately, the development team can take or reject what they want to, we can’t and don’t dictate what work they decide to take on, or when, but they’ve shown no objections to people submitting these things, so I take that as a sign that they are receptive to it.


Thank you all for your sharing.
Can you guys please help share the impact of this request to give us better understanding of your demand? If it is really impactful and urgent, please let us know. In the meanwhile, I will still raise the ticket but if it does not impact lots of users, please understand for us with the lower priority. Thank you!

Dear @Elly_Tran ,

This request is not urgent but it could be great if we can have that for our tests. Currently I cannot test the html content and the layout of the text inside the pop-up. Furthermore, The best should be to create the pop-up with html content (text in bold, underline). I can only test the text (but it’s already good :wink: )