How to upload photos to an ad site?

Hello to all,

I would like to automate the posting of ads from an excel. I have succeeded in all the procedure except to put the pictures automatically on a desktop.

I tried the command “type”, “upload” with a css, xpath.

Nothing works, the site is leboncoin site de petites annonces gratuites and you can find the source code of the page

thanks in advance to all :slight_smile:

Hi, does the site support drag and drop to upload? I can’t understand the website so I need more information :slight_smile:

There are two solutions either drag and drop or click directly. Here is the source code of the photo location.

Screen recorder :

Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw this element from your video

Please try to use that element for the type command instead to see if it works. The type command should be able to upload files on input elements with type='file'.

Incredibly, it works! I copied the XPath from the line you just told me and with the guy it works perfectly. For others who come across this here is the start line attached.

Thanks so much ! :slight_smile:

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