How to update katalon studio version in Linux console mode

Hi all,

Actually i made script for katalon in my local laptop, but in my local there is an automatic update for the katalon. Since i always use the latest version, then when i pass my script to jenkins, the katalon version in jenkins is different than my laptop. When i run my DSL job, the result was always failed eventhough the actual result was succeed.

My Question is, is there a proper way to do update for katalon studio in linux console mode ? since i want to make sure the katalon version running in my jenkins server is always the latest version before i run my jenkins DSL job…


running it on CI with the docker image may help, it should always grab the (almost) latest, provided it is updated too (actual release is 5.7.1 but latest docker image still 5.7.0 … but hey, we can always build our custom docker image …)