How to transfer mobile driver-entity between 2 test-cases for iOS

As Katalon doesn’t provide a possibility to create reusable “methods” I decided to create a lot of small atomic test cases as a method-analogue and then use them as a bricks for building complex test-cases.


So I have Big-Case that contains call 3 small cases (1-case, 2-case, 3-case one after another).

In 1-case I have only Start of application, in 2-nd Menu opening

2-case is always failed with error “No driver was found” so it means that driver instance is not transferred correctly to the 2-case. I suppose I have to store driver somewhere at the end of the 1-case and then get it back in the beginning of 2-nd.

Question 1: How to do that for mobile? (for web driver is transferred automatically without issues)

Question 2: Does anybody know the workaround - how to unite steps in “methods”? Custom keywords are much more about complex calculations but I need only decomposition.


Thanks in advance!

The current session is not closed unless you:

  1. Have 'Close Application' step at the end of test case #1

  2. ‘Terminate drivers after each Test Case’ option is used

Can you double check again your test cases and your option?