How to store text with apostrophe in csv data for further validation with text presented on the page

Hi team,
I’m trying to use preliminary stored test data in csv file, I must admit that the text in csv contains apostrophe (').
Hole text presence should be verified, hence I can’t exclude parts with apostrophe. But when text step with verifyText has been executed I see error expanding variable with apostrophe, for example it appears with Member�s instead of Member’s.

Hey team, once again, unfortunately this test approach appear not acceptable due to some localisation (e.g. French, Lithuanian, German and so on) contains words with apostrophes/umlauts and other diacritical marks which cannot be read correctly from CSV file for further verification with actual results.

If you have a such experience and workaround, please suggest it.
Thanks ahead!

Team, it’s my bad, if save CSV file in UTF encoding then all is fine. But still Excel added one empty row which should be deleted in any other text editor before using CSV test data with loadVars and endLoadVars.