How to stop Katalon 7.7.0 deleting contents of bin folder when run

Currently running Katalon 7.5.5, but thinking of upgrading to 7.7.0. However I’ve noticed that, whenever a test is run, 7.7.0 is deleting the contents of the bin folder in our project. There is stuff in there we need, so is there any way of stopping it from doing that? Many thanks for your help.

I’ll defer to @duyluong and @ThanhTo here but that folder is considered transient along with a few others. They’re refreshed at compile time so you should probably find another way. In addition, many threads here on the forum openly suggest to people that they delete the following to help solve tricky startup issues:


@steve.johnson why do you actually need to keep the bin folder?
If you put some custom binaries or any other data there, i will suggest to find a better location (e.g use the Include folder)

You can think at the bin and Libs folders as the output or target folders in a classic Maven or Gradle project, are always deleted at the compile time by the clean goal.