How to start mobile app directly with using app activity & package without placing apk file in katalon

Hi Team,

I trying to start installed application in my android device without placing the apk file in Katalon project.

Is it possible to start application by providing app package & app activity as like selenium ?

Or Is it possible to point real device location of app for “start application” keyword in Katalon ?

I dont want to place the apk file externally inside katalon project folder, rather than to use apk file inside mobile device directly.

Kindly suggest the options available in Katalon to start application without placing apk file/directly provide apk file from real device.

Selva Guhan

Hi @Selva_Guhan_Nagaraja,

As far as I know, you need to start the test using a real APK. However, you can try using one of the APKs that come with the Katalon Studio test projects. Then you can follow this example to set the actual package and activity you want to test for:

Hope this helps,