How to set the GUID

On the HTTP header , I need to add a property(requestid) which needs to be dynamic with each request being sent Ex: GUID. Appreciate inputs/suggestion
Postman equivalent : {{$guid}}

I don’t think there is a guid/uuid generator in Katalon - but I could be wrong (@ThanhTo @devalex88)

If you’re completely stuck, I can compose a custom Keyword for you that uses JavaScript to create one.

If I understand that you’re looking for a way to generate a UUID every execution, then something like this ?

print UUID.randomUUID().toString();

This is a Java library btw.


Russ, Would you please create one.

Seems I don’t need to. I was unaware of the Java util mentioned by @ThanhTo

@Russ_Thomas: Thanks for the link. How do we add as a property in the “HTTP Header” tab (Object Repository)

Hi @prasadgudla,
Just set your header value as ${UUID.randomUUID().toString()}

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This worked. Thanks!