How to set the chrome options value "setExperimentalOption("useAutomationExtension", false)"

While I’ve never messed with experimental options, I might try something like:


This puts the following into the JSON as expected:


Again, I’m relatively unfamiliar with how experimental options are handled by chrome/chromedriver, so this is just a guess.

This is helpful, all. Thanks especially to @Brandon_Hein.

One question. Which combination of args and prefs turns OFF the “This type of file can harm your computer…” pop up? Would like to just download automatically. Got this to work in Firefox, but it seems Chrome has a different way of handling this. Any help appreciated.


here is what I currently have, but it’s not working:

Put it in your prefs dictionary as follows:

I’ve got them in a dictionary, but I don’t think I have the right combinations of prefs (or args). Here is what I currently have (and I still get the popup)

safebrowsing.enabled should be true

Boom, that got it. How counter-intuitive. I assumed we wanted “safe” off in this case. Weird.
I also found I didn’t need most of that other stuff. I thinned it down to the below.
THANK YOU, @Brandon_Hein

Indeed it is. Thanks for reminding me though, I’m going to write a tip right now for how I determine the correct desired capability settings for various things. Stay tuned :sunglasses:


Well done, @Brandon_Hein, thanks! Do you have a similar process for Firefox?

I don’t. In fact, I don’t even have FF installed :sweat_smile: But I can’t imagine the process being much different.

I have problem with my chrome


I tried several options without success

Has anyone ever managed to do that?

Hi @Brandon_Hein, it’s not working

I cannot know exactly which setting you need to configure. Please follow this guide to figure it out:

I have problem with my chrome


I tried several options without success



Has anyone ever managed to do that?

This is a duplicate post…

Have you followed the guide I shared?

Hi @Brandon_Hein,

Yes I followed, unfortunately does not work, in addition. I have to pass the parameter from Katalon, not manually on each machine.

The guide I shared is not for a manual setting, it’s used to determine which desired capability to set in katalon to handle the notification permanently.

Yes, I’m sorry it’s my bad.

Indeed, I have a problem with the property (“useAutomationExtension”, false) that doesn’t seem to be recognized by Katalon

Finaly here is the solution :slight_smile:image

Following this method, I get the exception
org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 79
which I do not run into when using WebUI.openBroswer().

Is there a workaround specific to DriverFactory.changeWebDriver(driver) which allows setting the driver version?