How to select value from combobox using the dynamic function but not using the object repository

i am using dynamic function for automation testing. I have used dynamic X-path for dynamic function but i got the problem with Sending key. i want use the dynamic function without object repository. so please give me the guidance.

For my understanding, you need to create the test object ‘on-the-fly’ based on a dynamic selector.
This may help:

I have tried this function but i got the problem in sending key. i am working on this code. i can not open the box and selecting value from that please give me some guidance.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but honesty, painful as it might be, is the best policy.

The code you have is so broken, I wouldn’t even try to fix it. Your best approach would be to…

  1. Learn about programming
  2. Start again

Really. There are errors in that code that tell me you have little experience in what you’re trying to achieve. There are many people that think it’s ok to copy and paste code from wherever and expect it to work - that code is like a patchwork quilt but you’re missing a needle and thread to make it all work together.

This forum is not the place to find help on fundamental issues like this - we simply don’t have the time.

If you insist on continuing, learn to use the recorder and learn to live with its limitations. The expectations you have currently are going to result in more pain than you (or we) are able to deal with.