How to select random object?

hello, I'm new to katalon studio, can you please help me ?,I'm selecting an image, every time I run my script it's a new image, it is randomly loaded, it will never be the same. How can I select that random object? your help please.

Hi Victor, I’m a Katalon newbie myself, but maybe I can offer some insight. I would check the xpath of the image first and confirm if it’s always the same for these random pictures. I always use Chrome to inspect the element and then right-click to Copy XPath. If it’s the same, you’re in luck. If not, we need someone more experienced :slight_smile:

Hi Victor

While the image itself is changing per page load, I strongly suspect that the HTML hosting it is not. Therefore, all you need to do is select the image element – either an HTML img element or perhaps input type=“image”. On the other hand, maybe it’s the background property of another element entirely set via CSS… or perhaps it’s pulled in via JavaScript and sometimes it’s an img and other times it’s not.

Point: We’re not mindreaders and we can’t see your page. Show us what you’re dealing with, paste some code in your message, so we can help you.