How to select multiple checkbox

I have web page contained more then 70 checkbox and when I select one of them I need to set a number, I get those number from excel test data file for now I need a solution to avoid the repetition for every option if there are number in the excel sheet I will select the check box and write the number in the right field else i will ignore it and pass to the other.
If some one have any good solution it will be kindly to share it :slight_smile:


I don’t understand your question. Read the following guidance and provide more information to tell us what you have done.

If you have many similar tasks, you may be able to use a for or while loop to cycle through the elements. The loop counter might be used as the index for the Excel value and you can look into some type of List or Array of xpaths for the textboxes. With the small amount of information you have given, we can only give you a general idea.