How to select "aui-select"


I am trying to automate a test using JIRA, mainly to download some csv files. I need to select de delimiter as “;” opposed to the default “,”. What happens is that, The select is “aui-select” and the options of that are inside a “datalist” bellow that object, how can I select the necessary option?

Bellow is the HTML of that select.

Hi @simao.oliveira

Based on what I can see from the HTML DOM segment you posted, it looks to me as though the page is constructed using non-standard HTML. It may even be completely broken, but without a complete understanding of the entire page (HTML, JavaScript and CSS selectors), I cannot say that for certain.

Here is what I see as “wrong”:

  1. It uses an HTML <datalist> without and id attribute. That makes no sense and renders the normal operation of the datalist useless since no other element can reference the datalist through its list attribute without knowing its id.

  2. The HTML <select> element does not support a list attribute. This leaves the <select> as irrelevant and/or immaterial to the issue at hand.

  3. The only other element likely to be of use is the <input> element which does support a list attribute but, curiously, doesn’t have one.

Rather than tell you the HTML is completely broken, I would opt for the following possibility:

Somewhere within the page and its code, JavaScript and CSS selectors may be being used to populate a dropdown – perhaps the <select> element, but again, I can’t tell you anything for certain about code I can’t physically “see”.

well, for now, I’ve inserted a “send keys” after clicking the “aui-select” to send the arrow down and enter key so I can select the needed delimiter.