How to roll-back to a previous KS version


I recently upgraded to Katalon Studio 7.6.2 but would like to roll-back to a previous version (7.5.10).

Is there a process / URL link for accomplishing this?


Hi Dave,

Go here for releases:

You can download/activate/run any release if you install them in different folders.

What was your issue with 7.6.2?

Thanks Russ!

My Chrome Webdriver is returning errors when trying to execute test cases. I manually updated the Chrome Webdriver and also used Katalon’s update tool without success . I wanted to do a roll-back to see if I had somehow caused an issue while updating.


Hi @Dave_Evers

Have you identified why Chrome WebDriver is returning errors ? Was there an issue with 7.6.2 ?

Hello Thanh,
Thank you for your follow up. After troubleshooting the issue I have determined that the errors were due to our IT security team updating our security settings. The settings have since been modified so that the Chrome Webdriver now works as expected.

Best regards,