How to resolve Location permissions for Android 12-13 in Katalon Studio

Hi all

I’m having trouble running automation to handle permission locations in Android 12-13. I have an automation script like below, it works on Android versions below 12 but not on Android 12-13. Are there any changes or is there something missing in my script?


String command = 'mobile:changePermissions'
Map<String, Object> args = ImmutableMap.of(
    'target', 'device',
    'permissions', ['android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION'],
    'action', 'grant'

Mobile.executeMobileCommand(command, args)



Can you please provide the error log that you receive or clarify on how it did not work? Thank you

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of course, in the log it looks like it is running as desired but in the application it produces nothing (permissions still show)