How to resolve encrypted password for webservice call

Hi Team,

Katalon method able to resolve using WebUI.setEncryptedText

Where as we wanted to use the same password for web API call, is there any method to use.

We couldn’t use above mentioned method in API.



Do you have any solution for this? Any help would be really appreciated.

We are forced to have credentials for some setup that has to be used in web as well as service call.
Its more work for us to go back and update the web test cases which has already completed.

I’m sorry, I cannot understand what your problem is.

Please follow this link, and if you can provide any of the suggested material, then maybe I (we) can help further.

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Oops sorry about the un-connected dots.
Trying to add more details below, Let me know if you anything additional information.

Below is the webPage Code where password get resolves:
strEncryptedPassword = OCKxMQaDabcdBp+g1sg==
WebUI.setEncryptedText(findTestObject(strPasswordObjectPath), strEncryptedPassword)

Same, we need this to get resolved for below web service call:
[ (‘LogInName’) : strUserName,
(‘LogInPassword’) : strEncryptedPassword

We cannot use ‘WebUI.setEncryptedText’ in webservice call right? how do we solve it?



Obviously WebUI.setEncryptedPassword() does not work for API/Web Service testing.

I can sympathize with you but I suppose you need to do it.

If I were to do your job, I would take the following approach:

  1. make a properties file where you write the credentials, Or any JSON text file would do.
  2. your test case (both for Web and for API/Web Service) reads the properties file, Your test case code should do everything to read the file (no KS built-in support).
    (But in Groovy, reading a JSON file is quite easy! see )
  3. git ignore the credentials file out of the source code repository


Thanks for your immediate and detailed response.

As its LDAP windows login credentials, we were not allowed to keep it in property files.

As a long term solution we are creating a test user which is taking longer time.

is there any other katalon built in solution?


No. As far as I see WebUI.setEncryptedText() is the only solution built in katalon for dealing with credentials.

Thanks for your prompt response!

setEncriptedText for mobile is suppored in v6.3.0