How to resolve double references

I want to double-reference a variable

Hi unfortunately at the moment that’s not possible. Can you describe to me what you’re trying to do, and why you want to nest variables?

First of all, I want to write a use case to add rules in a loop. I use a data-driven type, but each rule needs to determine how many groups of ip and mac should be added. At this time, I use a while loop, which is represented by i Variables, such as ip1 and mac1 need the first set of data in csv, ip2 and mac2 are the second set of data. . . So I need two loops to control

Sorry I still don’t quite understand the problem yet. Can you describe it a bit clearer and provide me an example of a combination of IP and Mac for example? This seems like something you can do with two nested while loops, I can show you how to do it if I understand the problem more clearly.

In the outermost layer, I use a data-driven method for looping. The innermost layer uses while, as shown in the figure. This is the input parameters required by the innermost loop. I want to use while to control how many sets of data I need to enter. , And the data comes from the data-driven csv, so I need to double quote

Unfortunately, you see something in the image that I/we don’t.

When you say “in the outermost layer”, are you referring to the MAC input elements? And when you say “the innermost layer”, are you referring to the VLAN and IP input elements, or to one of them only?

Just a thought, can you not add data to both the VLAN and IP sequentially in the same loop? And, theoretically, could you not add data to all three elements sequentially in the data-driven loop?