How to resolve conflicts while pull the code from git through katalon


Can anyone please help how to resolve the conflicts when pull the code from github.


How to Resolve Conflicts Dirty_WorkTree in git repository.

  1. Please share your .gitignore file.

  2. And tell us if you work on Windows, Mac or Linux.

  3. Can you execute git command in console?

-Windows machine
I’m getting this one

You should add the following line into the .gitignore file.


This means that you do not want to store any of files under the .cache to be stored into the git repository.

And you want to execute the following command:

$ cd <project directory>
$ git rm --cache .cache

This removes the .cache directory and its content files out of the INDEX of the git repository. You need to do this as the message tells the .cache directory in the repository is dirty. Once you remve the .cache out of the INDEX, you would no longer see the message “DIRTY_WORKTREE .cache/subpath”.

Rational: The .cache directory contains the .class files of custom keywords. If any .class file is missing from the .cache directory, Katalon Studio will compile the .groovy source of Keyword and generate the .class file. Therefore it is safe and rather recommended for you to ignore the .cache directory completely.

Katalon Studio can generate the .gitignore file when you newly create a project. The default content of the generated .gitignore does NOT include a line .cache. I believe it is a fault. The .gitignore without .cache makes many users confused (including you @vpatil). Years ago I wrote a post about this issue, but they have not addressed this problem.


Are you aware of this disregarded issue?