How to reoad the veriable without restarting the test?

I am trying to automate Instagram app on android. where I am trying to get number of followers and some other details of list of the people. I have added list of users as test data and stored in variable. I have applied the loop for searching the user and getting the data. but the issue is katalon will get next user only if the script is restarted. so if I don’t use loop the script will open IG app than select user from the data and get his details than end the script and restart the process from 1st point. so what I want to do is open IG → search for user->get his details->back to search page->select next user->get his details and so on.

for now the script is working below way which is very tim consuming and long procedure for simple task.
open IG app->search for user->get his details->close app->repeat.

So i need any solution so the script can select next user without the script restart. so I can easily add the search and get details actions in loop. please anyone suggest me the best method to make this work.