How to record two chrome browsers parallely in Katalon?

i have website in which i have to work on both the side patient and doctor so in this when patient send some data then it is visible to the doctor side so how to record this in two browsers parallely?

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It is not possible to record 2 chrome browsers parallelly in Katalon Studio. However you can run test suites parallelly in KS @manu.saxena

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I think you are limited if you need to record your sessions. I use the Script tab and write my code there (lots of copy and paste with some drag and drop). Some of my test cases create a second browser session, set up some administration things and then either I close the second browser because I am finished with it or I bounce back and forth between the two resetting the administration; so: not parallel* and not recorded but two browser sessions are possible.
* not parallel as I am only writing in one browser at a time and not both at the same time.

Edit: added an example to open second tab and close it again. Note you can find several different methods/examples of opening a second browser on this forum.


As an example, below I open a second tab, fill in my info and then close the second tab.

	 * This routine opens a second tab, sets the ...
	 * that the save occurred and then closes the second tab.
	def openSecondTab() {

		Robot robot = new Robot()



// blah blah bhah

		"close this tab"

You can resolve your scenarrio as
You can record separatly one by one for patient module and doctor module and afterthat can run parallely.

The following post shows an example Test Case that opens 2 browser windows at a time, do some interactions in each while switching between 2 windows.

You need to write the code in Groovy manually in the Script mode.

You should not expect the Record & Spy tools to help you too much.