How to really reload a previous page with GoBackAndWait? previous page is shown, but seems not to recognise the dom-elements any more

I’m newbie, on katalon recorder:
I’m using goBack/goBackAndWait.
After that command, the previous page is shown OK,
but target-element (e.g. for “click”) isn’t found, NOK.
When I manually press “F5” or refresh, the element is found,
and a “refreshAnWait” before the “click”-command does not help.

waitForElementPresent | "element in source-page" << found first time click | "dest-url" waitForElementPresent | "element in dest-page" goBackAndWait | 500? << not sure if ms-param, MANUAL refresh here and it is OK [ refreshAndWait | 500? ] << no impact, should work without waitForElementPresent | "element in source-page" << no more found

Hi @unusejf ,

We tried to reproduce your situation and our test case works quite well (recording attached). Can you record the process you run your test case so that we can better help you?