How to print soap request at test case level


Hi Team,

How to print the request of a soap service in console a test case level?

We were able to print using RequestObject in Object Repository level, But how to do it at test case level.



Any Katalon developer developer can answer this??

below snippet is printing the request before paramter variable resolved

But i am unable to get the request content which is passed (actually after variable value is resolved)


we are planning to print every soap request response pair to log at objectRepository level to troublshoot.

we are able to print the response, but unable to print request body :frowning:


Seems a reasonable thing to want to do…

@devalex88 @ThanhTo Any ideas?


Hi @Udaya

Thank you for making us aware of this need, the development team will discuss and we’ll let you know more,

Cheers !


Thanks for the response Team!

Thanks @Russ_Thomas for taking to developers :slight_smile:


Hi @devalex88 @ThanhTo ,

My actual questionis for printing at test case level. is it possible to print at test case level?
I am sure that its not possible in Object repository level.