How to prevent chromedriver.exe from downloading multiple times

Adding “–config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true” to the CLI command for Katalon will automatically download and point to the correct version of chromedriver.exe for the version of Chrome installed locally.

How do you prevent subsequent executions from downloading that file again?

Log from my execution consistently shows chromedriver.exe downloaded and extracted:

[INFO] Using WebDriverManager to resolve chrome
[DEBUG] Driver for chrome76 not found in local properties
[INFO] Using chromedriver 76.0.3809.68 (since Google Chrome 76 is installed in your machine)
[INFO] Reading to seek chromedriver
[INFO] Downloading
[INFO] Extracting binary from compressed file
[INFO] Overriding former binary C:.…\Katalon Studio\configuration\resources\temp\webdriver\chromedriver.exe
[INFO] Resulting binary C:.…\Katalon Studio\configuration\resources\temp\webdriver\chromedriver.exe
chromedriver is located at: C:.…\Katalon Studio\configuration\resources\temp\webdriver\chromedriver.exe

You could try disabling the auto-update setting, and manually updating the chromedriver.exe in %KATALON_ROOT%\configuration\resources\drivers\chromedriver_win32 as needed.

I haven’t tested this, but it seems like a reasonable way to do what you’re asking.

I already confirmed that works but I’m looking for an automated solution to the issue of chromedriver.exe being out of sync with the version of Chrome installed locally.

Should I request this as a feature request for Katalon Studio CLI mode?

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