How to pass variable to child test case from excel sheet

In my scenario , I have imported the test case 1 to test case 2. i want to pass the parameters to test case 1… I added the Main test case (Test case 2 to test suite). trying to add the parameters to test case 1(part of Test case 2).

Is there any possibility? please help me.

were you adding test cases to test suite? what do you meant by “imported the test case 1 to test case 2”?

I have 4 Test Cases.

First 4 test steps are common for all the test cases. So , created common test case(named as test case 1) for common test steps.

then I created test case 2… I used “call test case” keyword to call the test case 1. Then added the test case2 in the test suite.
Here I need to pass input to Test Case 1.

Guys …anyone please help me to resolve this issue

I got you.
Test case 1 needs some input, ie. tc1_input1, tc1_input2.
With your flow, when TC2 calls TC1, you need to pass values for TC1’s input. These value you expected to get from data files, so in TC2, you need to create variables that can be used to input in TC1’s params, ie tc2_input1, tc2_input2.

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