How to pass Proxy details while sending REST API request

I have to pass proxy details(specified below) while sending API request.
How do i send proxy details?



Katalon Studio has proxy setting (detail instruction is at our document: Could you give it a try?

This setting is applicable at entire suite level.Here I am looking setting at test case level.I have to run same test case against multiple environments and everyone is accessible through different proxies.
Is any way that i can provide proxy through code level
(like in python request module we are providing
response=session.request(“POST”, url, data=payload, headers=headers,verify=False,auth=auth,proxies=proxies)

As workaround i am doing it through java program (by creating keyword)

We will look at the sollution you provided and inform you when it is implemented. It is good that you had a workaround solution by now.

Hello @manish_shriwastwa,

can you please share your solution with the community?

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